Tucson's Public Art
Access Tucson

Title: Access Tucson

Location: 124 East Broadway

Details: Mural with claw-headed lady.

He Said:

Just think, this could have been a plain block wall of the Access Tucson building with simple parking lot instructions posted on the side. Within a few months, it would have collected its share of graffiti and would need repainting. Instead, you get a nice painting of a claw-headed lady. I thinks that's a fair trade. Even though she's dropping a few claws. Shedding, no doubt.

She Said:

I'm not at all sure how Access Tucson came up with this mural design, but it's definitely memorable! It's colorful, whimsical, and certainly a step up from a plain blank wall, as my partner so cogently notes. The bugs and the starfish with safety pin (or possibly it's a quilt block) add an interesting touch, along with the claw-headed lady. On the whole, the mural is cheerful and funny, and brings a bright note to what might otherwise be a somewhat hum-drum corner.

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