Tucson's Public Art
USS Arizona Memorial

Title: USS Arizona Memorial, Santa Theresa Tile Works (2002)

Location: UofA Campus, north of the new Student Center.

Details: Raised tile flowers, replica dog tags of the crew members.

He Said

On December 7, 1941, 1177 (of 1411) crewmen lost their lives on the USS Arizona when it sank in under nine minutes during the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

When you visit this small memorial, think about the grieving families of those men, think about the sacrifices made at Pearl Harbor and those made in the ensuing years. Those sacrifices that left tens of thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands, of families grieving over losses worldwide. Do this and the memorial will have served its purpose.

She Said:

This piece isn't merely public art; as my partner states so eloquently, it's a reminder of sacrifice and grief, individual and collective, national and international in scope. The the replica dog tags are particularly poignant, small chronicles of lives lost but never forgotten. As World War II fades into history with the passing of its veterans, it is up to those of us still here to make sure that there will always be a remembrance of those who lived and died on that day in December of 1941.

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