Tucson's Public Art
Cicular Arrows

Title: Circular Arrows, unknown

Location: In the center of the Tucson Convention Center Grounds


She Said:

I like this piece for its brushed, textured look, if nothing else. I think the second circular arrow, the one that looks like a space ship (according to my partner), is more appealing than the upright one. While this isn't one of my favorite pieces of public art, it's still an interesting example of someone's imagination and creativity.

He Said:

Sometimes serendipity happens. We had been out to take the tour of the Luminarias del Pueblo and happened upon this sculpture in the center of the TCC grounds. While the one part may look like a flying saucer, it is really a second circular arrow, connected to the first.

While this is kind of interesting in a way, I'm not sure that I think of it as "art." Don't get me wrong, It still looks good, and I wholeheartedly support the idea of sculpture for all; it's just that this seems too rigid, too precise, too uniformly shaped for my tastes. It's almost as though this sculpture is one of many that could come off an assembly line.

Of course, perhaps that's exactly what the artist intended. Unfortunately, we may never know, the sign for this piece was missing.

Circular Arrows

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