Tucson's Public Art
Tucson Art Museum Courtyard

Title: Tucson Art Museum Courtyard

Location: 140 N. Main Ave. (Directly across Alameda St. from Sunset / El Presido Park)


He Said:

The strong vibrant colors and the bold geometric shapes announce the  Tucson Museum of Art, and indicate that the Tucson "art scene" is strong and vibrant.

And while the photos so far have been dealing with outdoor public art, I would like to point out that much "traditional" art is available to all: the Tucson Museum of Art is free on Sundays, and the University Museum of Art is always free. All together, anyone should be able to find art he or she can enjoy.

She Said:

I love the way these pieces set off the museum entrance,drawing the viewer into the scene, and, hopefully, into the museum itself to enjoy the other treats inside! Tucson Museum of Art does a very good job of displaying its various and varied sculped works, both indoors and out, and I particularly enjoy the wonderful colors and shapes of this installation.

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