Tucson's Public Art
Portal with Door and Waves


Title: Portal with Door and Waves, by Jim O'Hara (1987)

Location: Reid Park (22nd Street near Country club)

Details: Commissioned by Tucson Parks and Recreation & Tucson-Pima County Arts Council.

She Said:

I realize that the sculptor calls this piece a portal, but I think of it as a book, also. It reminds me of the passage in Alice in Wonderland where Alice finds the cake tagged "Eat me" that causes the protagonist to shrink to a very small size when she follows the instructions. Alice is then able to open and go through a very tiny doorway she had no hope of entering at full height. The doorframes in this piece get smaller as the viewer gets closer to the piece, just as the doors Alice went through got smaller. And isn't a book also a doorway to other worlds, when you think about it?

He Said:

I like the burnished stainless steel as it glints in the sun, and as you drive by at night the door frame is outlined in multi-colored lights. Overall, a pretty neat piece of sculpture, although I confess, I really don't understand the "waves" part. The look more like snakes to me, but that's ok. Oh, and one more thing I thought of, while there I don't think I walked through the partially open door. Hmm. What is on the other side?

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