Tucson's Public Art

Title: Unknown, by Michael Encinas

Location: East side of 10th Avenue just south of 25th Street.

Details: Painted ceramic tile depicting a table full of food.

He Said:

If you're interesting in seeing murals, then South Tenth Avenue is your place.  As you have seen in previous pages (and probably will in future pages, as well) there is quite a variety along the roadway. 

I especially like the gradual curving tops on many of these murals, including this one, and the bright colors in the design. The curves give the murals a softer, more relaxed feel than the rigid, institutional impression given by many of the rectangular murals. And the relaxed feel is all-important here, a table of bounty to be shared in a convivial atmosphere.

She Said:

The mural described here is another of the sound barrier walls that run along many of the streets in Tucson. Being close to the interstate, South Tenth Avenue has a number of them, and most are decorated. This particular wall celebrates one of the necessities of life, food, colorfully and enjoyably. The artwork is a feast for the eye, even as the fruits and vegetables shown in the tilework would be a feast for the palate in life!

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