Tucson's Public Art
Girl with Doves

Title: Girl with the Doves, by David Wynne

Location: U of A Campus, directly in front of the Library

Details:  Bronze

She Said:

This is a lovely sculpture. The figure of the girl is graceful, with her curving stance echoed by the arc of her doves overhead. She appears to be caught up in the moment, communing with the doves even as she releases them to freedom. I have always found particular freedom in reading, so, to me, she's appropriately placed in front of the library. (Perhaps that's a flight of imagination, but that's the way I see this girl and her doves.)

He Said:

Grace with the hope for peace. Not necessarily peace for the world, but just for a small fraction, perhaps just for one person. That's what I think of looking at this sculpture.  And situated immediately outside the main library -- one of the busiest portions of the U of A -- is perfect; perhaps some harried student during finals week views it, and achieves peace, at least for a moment.

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