Tucson's Public Art
Iron Hinge

Title: Iron Hinge?, Unknown

Location: South side of RIver Road between Campbell and First Ave

Details: Iron and Wood

She Said:

Okay, so my partner really doesn't care for abstract art! I'll have to admit, though, that this piece isn't particularly my cup of tea, either. Some of the sculptures that fall into the public art category are decidedly different; this would be one of those pieces. However, it would be pretty boring if all public art looked alike, wouldn't it? And, since (presumably) one of the things artists want to do is give the public some insight into their imaginations, it stands to reason that some pieces are going to be very different, indeed. Eye of the beholder, and all that!

He Said:

Another installation of big iron pieces, but to be different, this one has the addition of a log!

Modeled after a typical 6-foot tall rusty door hinge, it appears that the artist decided that a large hinge, by itself, wasn't that interesting. Hence, presumably, the inclusion of a log. Not just any log, but a log stuck right through the hinge. Wooo! And that's it, other than the hinge is open about 30 degrees, which may or may not mean something. 

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