Tucson's Public Art
Jaguar Mural

Title: Unknown, by Unknown

Location: 2222 S. 10th Avenue.

Details: Free standing block wall with etched and painted jaguar in a Mayan style.

She Said:

This wall painting is fun! The colors are vibrant, and the design is wonderful. I like the jaguar figure; to me, it has both animal and human characteristics. It also seems to represent the fusion of cultures so apparent in the South Tucson neighborhood where the wall stands.

He Said:

The colors and Mayan style of this mural are great. The yellow jaguar with red spots enlivens the street scene, and although not seen in this photo, the red, green, and blue geometric border are reminiscent of the stepped-pyramid ziggurats. Perhaps the vivid colors are meant to remind us to live brightly, while remembering the past. But, then again, maybe this mural is just for fun.

Copyright © 2004 S. Halversen. All rights reserved.