Tucson's Public Art

Title: Unknown, by Unknown

Location: 181 E. Broadway Avenue

Hote Lewis Art

Details: Located on the side of a hotel that doesn't exist anymore, this piece shows an art gallery can appear anywhere.

She Said:

Hmmm, you never know what you may encounter in the way of art as you stroll around downtown Tucson. This painting is an unexpected surprise, a break in the brick wall on which it appears. The painting of the young women with their parasols is reminiscent of Oriental artwork, though the figures appear more Caucasian than Japanese. I like the colors and the whole feeling of the piece, and the way it could almost be another window into the building, giving passersby a glimpse of what might go on inside.

He Said:

For some reason, I like the contrast between the painting suspended near the second floor, and the painted sign advertising the Hotel Lewis. Perhaps it, with the window, form a progression: The "Hotel Lewis" representing what was; the window, what is; the painting what may have never been; and the solid red brick wall providing a permanence to all.

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