Tucson's Public Art
Lizard LizardLizard

Lizard Wall

Title: Lizard Wall

Location: In the Barrio Presidio

Details: Colorful lizards climbing a wall.

She Said:

I love these lizards! They are very cool and colorful, and it is fun to see them crawling up and down the wall. Kudos to the painter who included them in the decor of this building - a bit of whimsey is always welcome. It's a treat to discover unexpected little treasures such as these lizards; long may they hold sway on this wall in the barrio!

He Said:

These lizards can be found somewhere in the Barrio Presidio. I really don't want to give the exact location. Instead, let's make it a challenge for you the reader to find. Besides, there's a lot more in that area for you to discover. Some of appears on doorways, some in the architecture, and some in the art shops. And all of it comes with a bit of Tucson history thrown in.

I really like these lizards, they add that southwestern feel to a traditional adobe home. With their bright colors and diamond shaped eyes, they seem to welcome all who would enter here, and remind us to smile just a bit more often.

Copyright © 2005 S. Halversen. All rights reserved.