Tucson's Public Art
Native American Mural


Location: Broadway Avenue between Church Street and the Radisson Hotel.


He Said:

This is one mural that I bet has been seen by almost everyone in Tucson. Or perhaps I should say, that everyone in Tucson has had the opportunity to see. It's on one of the busiest streets in downtown Tucson and is about 12 feet high, but how many have stopped to look at it?

While not obvious from the picture to the left, this mural depicts the Spanish conquistadors invading the Americas, soon to trample over the Natives and their lands. Ironically, there is a small cactus garden directly below that is nearly trampled by the invading pavement.

She Said:

My partner speaks most eloquently about the subject of this mural. It does indeed paint a picture of the conquistadors, who, though romanticized by many, were by almost all reports extremely cruel and oppressive to the Native peoples whom they encountered, and whose lands they so arrogantly stole.

It may seem that the artwork we pick for this website often carries a message other than that of simple decorative work. If it is true that art imitates life, then so be it - the message is there for anyone to see, if he or she chooses to look for it, or to acknowledge it. This mural may not be the most elegantly executed painting that we have shown, but it tells a story that bears repeating.

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