Tucson's Public Art
Piano Gator

Title: Piano Gator and Band, UnknownPiano Gator Band

Location: SE Corner of Swan Avenue and Glenn Street. Right outside Plaza Palomino

Details: An alligator playing a steelway piano and accompanied by a three piece band. All created from welded scrap metal (mostly car parts).

He Said:

I've wanted to get a picture of this since the first time I saw it, but every time we happened to pass the piano gator, we didn't have the camera. This time we did. I love the whimsy in this piece, especially the idea of having an alligator play the piano. As Tony the Tiger would say, "They're Grrreat!"

She Said:

Actually, I believe that "Steelway" is the name of the sculpted piece featuring the gator musician - the sign is visible on the side of the piano in the photo to the left.  Whatever the name, though, this sculpture always makes me smile! It's funny, it's imaginative, and it's a great use of old car parts. I hope the piano gator continues to play his tunes for a long time to come - he adds just the right humorous note to the corner he occupies! Kudos and thanks to those who decided to share him and his band with Tucson!

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