Tucson's Public Art

Title: Unknown, Davis © '89

Location: Behind the Hotel Congress (311 E. Congress Ave.)

Details: Metal, rib-like sculpture. The only markings on it are "Davis © 89."

She Said:

This piece is sort of a surprise, situated where it is near the Hotel Congress and the newly-renovated train station. It's actually a pale turquoise color, the photo notwithstanding. To me it appears plant-like, perhaps a climbing vine of some description. I like the sculpture and the rather quirky way it's placed on its corner, with the saguaro in close juxtaposition. Nature and art, in communication.

He Said:

Don't worry, the sky near this sculpture isn't purple and grainy. Nor are the saguaros florescent green. But this sculpture is an enigma, a bit out of the way, no marker, no title, just sitting there near the Hotel Congress parking lot as though someone forgot to take it with him when checking out and didn't want to pay for postage to have it mailed back with the pair of socks that he left in the closet of Room 216.

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