Tucson's Public Art
Wedge shaped sculpture

Title: River 1

Location: River Road, just west of the US Post Office

Details: Iron on a concrete base.

He Said:

You know, sometimes abstract sculpture seems as though the artist was trying to say "Look at how avant-garde I am. I create sculptures that you can't understand." This one does that for me; I really don't care for it. Sure, it's big, and made out of large rusted triangles. And it shows the artist knew how to weld, but come on. After a few minutes reflection, all I can say about it is: it's big, and made out of rusted triangles.

She Said:

Hmmm, large rusted triangles. All right, that's certainly one way to look at this piece. In some ways, it reminds me of an arrow point, piercing the base on which it's mounted. Alternately, it might be the feathered end of an arrow shaft, the end opposite the point. Or it might simply be the big rusted triangles to which my partner refers rather disparagingly. However, as we've pointed out several times on these pages, art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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