Tucson's Public Art
Ros Kruge

Title: Mr. Roskruge

Location: Broadway Blvd. and Euclid Ave.

Details: Tile Mural of Photograph

She Said:

These murals really are great. I love the slices of life they give the viewer, the glimpses into Tucson's past that they share with the present. Anonymous or known, the people in the photographs lived on and walked through the streets where their images now appear, adding a new dimension to their neighborhood. Situated where they are, near the Diamondback Bridge, the murals always bring a smile to my face as I drive or ride past them.

He Said:

We decided to put this up in honor of some additional photo-murals going up elsewhere in town. Specifically, Grande Avenue in Barrio Hollywood, and for those who are interested, the dedication is this Saturday, April 2, 2005.

I really like these, since they depict real scenes from the area in which they are placed, albeit 50 or so years in the past. They give the viewer the idea that the place has a transient history. One changeable by our actions, where ordinary people can become a permanent part of the city. After all, do you think Mr. Roskruge would have imagined himself on a mural today?

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