Tucson's Public Art
Snake Bridge

Title: Diamondback Bridge, Simon Donovan (2002)

Location: Broadway & Euclid (Approx).


He Said:

This is Tucson.

The Diamondback Bridge glides over Broadway Blvd., not only allowing walkers to cross safely from one side to the other, but to have fun doing it.  Eventually, it'll be part of a walking/biking path slithering right into the heart of Tucson. Until then, it's just cool to drive under on the way to or from downtown. There's also a special surprise that awaits all crossers. Bzzz.

She Said:

This has got to be the coolest piece of public art in Tucson!  I love it.  It's imaginative, it's evocative of the Southwest, and it's useful, to boot.  This bridge is a must-see for any out-of-town visitor, and for any Tusconan who hasn't yet sauntered across it, high above Broadway's traffic.  My fellow writer is correct: the Diamondback Bridge is Tucson!

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