Tucson's Public Art
Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower

Title: Unknown, by Unknown

Location: River Rd. at Via Entrada

Details: Concrete Tower

She Said:

Sometimes this reminds me of a cooling tower, but at others, I find it reminiscent of a chess piece - the rook, perhaps. If it is an enigma of Tucson, as my partner intimates, it's at least an artful one. I also like the tower, as it happens, even though I'm also unsure of just what it's supposed to be.

He Said:

I really don't know what this is supposed to represent. A cooling tower, perhaps. So that you feel cooler as you drive into the Catalina foothills. I doubt that that really works but, who knows.  Even so, I like it. It's just another enigma of Tucson, this one sculpted out of concrete.

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