Tucson's Public Art
Tile Mural with Turtles

Title: Tile Mosaic With Turtles

Location: Just off 10th Avenue in South Tucson

Details: Ceramic tile mosaic.

He Said:

Here's another tiled wall in South Tucson showing that walls don't have to be just walls. I especially like the turtles marching across the bottom. For some reason these turtles seem to be happy creatures; I really don't get that impression from real turtles, just from stylized representations.

She Said:

I like this tile wall for its color and theme. The woman appears to be regarding the turtles with a benevolent eye, as though she were blessing them in some way. Perhaps she is a sort of guardian spirit of animals, and turtles in particular. Certainly, turtles could stand to have a guardian spirit, given the hand they are often dealt by humanity; this wall can be a reminder that we two-legged ones aren't the only creatures on the planet.

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