Location of Del Rey Buffet

I believe that this is the location of
the Del Rey Buffet as it stands today.

Tucson, Tuesday, January 23, 1934 --

True Detective

"Have you seen the Hotel fire?" the waitress asks as you take a stool at the counter.

"Seen it? Heck, I've been in it, and I sure could use a bite to eat. Uh, before the day's over."

"Sorry, What'll you have?"

"Coffee, black, and two eggs over easy."

The waitress scratches out your order as you settle back to read True Detective Mysteries while you wait. Thirty seconds later the steaming coffee arrives. Turning the page you almost spit it out as you recognize on of the mugs in "The Lineup" section. "Why, why, that's the other guy who hauled out those heavy suitcases. Says here he's Russell Clark, wanted for murder and bank robbery. And he's part of John Dillinger's gang."

You get up to find a policeman, and the waitress calls out, "Hey, you! You owe 25¢ for that breakfast you ordered." Her voice drops off as the door closes behind you ....

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