Tom Mix (1880-1940)

Our first clue about Tony, comes from the other Tucson paper, The Daily Citizen which reported Tom's death on Monday, October 14, 1940.

As you can see, the last paragraph (left) mentions that Tom is survived by Tony the Wonder Horse: "Also surviving is his famous wonder horse, Tony, now about 35 and retired to the Mix ranch in the San Fernando valley." Hence, Tom did not use Tony's tail as a bed pull.

In fact, it appears that Tom thought enough of Tony to include him in his will, as the column from the October 17, 1940, Arizona Daily Star points out (below).

Arizona Daily Star Article

And, indeed Tony was able to spend his rest of his life on the adjoining ranch, except when he began to suffer, then he was taken back to the Mix ranch and quietly euthanized, almost exactly two years after Tom died.

It is indeed fitting that Tony's obituary (below) is featured in a prestegious paper like the New York Times (October 11, 1942).

New York Times Article

Tucson Daily Citizen Article

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