Tucson's Public Art
Bike Rack

Title: Unknown

Location: Just to the West of the Reid Park Zoo entrance

Details: Steel bike rack, with mountain lion cutout.

She Said:

There are several of these steel bike racks in front of the Reid Park Zoo, each having its own animal cutout. This one is particularly good, as my partner notes, and does, indeed, cast a wonderful shadow. I like the way the shadow's eyes appear to be looking at the viewer, art regarding life, as it were! It's a lovely example of functional art, and is likely to be enjoyed by anyone who sees it.

He Said:

Well, this was quite a surprise and we happened to be there at just the right time of day to get a photo of the shadow across the bare earth. Once again, this piece, while small and unobtrusive, shows that art can appear anywhere, and be functional, too.

This piece is great; the mountain lion looks fairly realistic considering it's cut out of steel plate. I know I'd want to lock my bike up here, if I had a bike, and if  I could ride it all the way to the Reid Park Zoo. Instead, that's something left to others. Maybe you?

Copyright © 2004 S. Halversen. All rights reserved.