Tucson's Public Art


Title: Luminaria (Unknown)

Location: 240 S Church St. Directly in front of the Tucson Convention Center, and other places around town.

Details: Metal, fiberglass, rocks, Space Pod, and other mixed media.

He Said:

We happened upon these pieces just this past Thursday as we wandered to/from  the Fox Theatre (it's boarded up now, and we wanted to find out why). It's funny because we hadn't noticed them when driving by, and yet they are there big, bold, and as obvious as a space pod in front of the TCC.

I hope these stick around (I don't think they're meant to be permanent, and there are others around downtown Tucson). They are great fun! Fun to look at. Fun to think how someone thinks of these ideas. And, best of all, fun to discover when you least expect them!

She Said:

These pieces are fun and thought-provoking  - I especially like the one with the space pod emerging from an agave plant. It reminds me of the little space traveler in Clifford D. Simak's short story, "A Death in the House." Another of the luminaria, not pictured here, has copper animal cut-outs that are reminiscent of pictographs or petroglyphs. It's very appropriate for Tucson and the Southwest. All the pieces are welcome additions to the downtown art scene, and I, too, hope that they stay around for a while, so that more people can have the fun of discovering them for themselves.

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