Tucson's Public Art
Wild Mustangs!

Title: Unknown (Mustangs), by Michael Encinas

Wild Mustangs!

Location: East side of 10th Avenue, immediately south of 27th street.

Details: Ceramic tile mural on a wave-shaped concrete sound barrier wall.

He Said:

The better half of the Local Couple spotted these one Sunday morn. And what a find! Bright, bold, full of color and action, these wild mustangs galloping at full speed enliven the street scene. While technically a sound barrier to reduce traffic noise in the immediate neighborhood, this is more of a gift to all passersby.

While taking these photos, a local to the area stopped his car in the middle of the street: "Isn't it beautiful?"

She Said:

It was such a nice surprise to come upon this sound barrier wall! There are several other such walls along 10th Avenue, all with different designs. This one, with the herd of wild horses, is one of the most colorful and vibrant. It's a wonderful piece of artwork, as well as a reminder of the Old West, with its image of a band of wild mustangs galloping across an open plain.
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