Tucson's Public Art

Title: Unknown, by GONZALAS? (2002)

Location: 10th Avenue just north of 28th street on the East side.

Details: Sorry, but the signature on this mural is stylized and we can't be sure of the artist's name. Colored and etched tile on concrete block wall.

She Said:

This goat (or Bighorn sheep, as the case may be) is the central figure on this sound barrier wall. There are other images, as well, but this one really stands out. To me, it's a celebration of life; hence, the gravid goat, with her unbilical cord and attached offspring. I like the image and I like the soft colors of the wall itself; they're a nice background for the petroglyph / pictograph images the artist included in his work.

He Said:

The Southwest is known for petroglyphs, and this wall in South Tucson is evocative of some in the local area (you can find examples of Bighorn sheep at Signal Hill in Saguaro National Park). Since petroglyphs are often enigmatic, I like to think of them as thoughts traveling through time. The ancient ones are trying to tell us something, we just don't understand what they are saying. When I see this wall, I smile; when I see petroglyphs, I smile. While I may not understand all that this artist is saying, I do know that, like the ancient ones, it's something good.

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