Tucson's Public Art

Title: Pay Here

Location: Parking Lot on the Northwest Corner of Broadway and 5th, or maybe 6th.

Details: Pay slot for a parking lot in downtown Tucson, made of steel, wood, rebar, and other items.

She Said:

We discovered this guy during a walk around the downtown area, and what a happy surprise! I think he's great, with his sunglasses and visor. A big thank you to whomever had the imagination to create this little piece of functional and fun art, and who put it to use to give the Tucson public something to smile at as they go about their work

He Said:

Why feed a boring old parking meter when you can feed this guy?! With his tongue hanging out, you know this guy stands out in the sun all summer long, so come on, feed him a bit. Or two bits (pun intended).

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