Tucson's Public Art
Reid Park Zoo Peacock

Title: Unknown,

Location: Outside the Reid Park Zoo entrance.

Details: Commissioned Tucson-Pima County Arts Council.

She Said:

The Reid Park Zoo peacock is a fun and functional piece of public art. Functional in that it serves as an invitation to visit the animals within the zoo, and fun in its sense of whimsy. The tail feathers faithfully reproduce the "eyes" found on the feathers of live peacocks, and the funny little topknot plumes are even present. This sculpture makes me smile each time we visit the zoo, which is probably what the artist had in mind.

He Said:

Fun for kids! And for adults, too! This piece located right outside the Reid Park Zoo gets plenty of attention. It was created so that children (of all ages, probably) could sit on the peacock's back and have that Kodak moment. And in that it succeeds.

Pieces of art might never make it into a fancy museum, but often they go farther -- being long remembered by the scores of children who climb atop on a sunny afternoon filled with fun at Reid Park.

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