Tucson's Public Art

Title: Unknown

Location: Small park on the "head" side of the Rattlesnake Bridge.


He Said:

I'd be willing to bet that most people in Tucson have never seen these! Located in a small park on the north side of the Rattlesnake Bridge, these 'leaves' form a bridge between past and present. Made from sections of railroad track, they remind me of Tucson's past when trains were all important in the immediate vicinity, and of the present with the leaf shapes representing a park that now stands in that once industrial zone. The two taken together remind us that while we cannot stop change, we can influence those changes in profound and far-reaching ways. 

She Said:

For some reason, these leaf shapes to me are reminiscent of eastern art; perhaps they remind me of lotus leaves, or East Indian mandalas.  So, echoing my partner, to me they're a link between past and present, but also between east and west, a reminder of the ways that we're all part of a  community. (The '`leaves' aren't actually the colors that appear here; that's an embellishment, courtesy of the computer and imagination!)

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